Western Athletic Club

Sheshaght Roortaghys Heear

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At the Clubs annual AGM the following members were voted in.

Thank you to all who attended the meeting, it was good to see so many giving your support.


Club President

Gordy Brew


Appointed Chairman

Moira Hall



Rosie Morrison



Neil Helmer


UKA Level 1 Club Coaches

Moira Hall

Rosie Morrison

Gordie Brew

Danaa Callow

Sharon Cain


UKA Level 2 Club Coaches

Louise Kneen

Janice Quirk

Rob Parslow

Robbie Lambie

David Leece

Barry Moore


Welfare Officer 

Moria Hall

Cathy Smith


UKA Officials

Gordy Brew - Starter

Rosie Morrison - Time Keeper

Louise Kneen - Time Keeper & Field

Robert Parslow - Field

Janice Quirk

Barry Moore

Julie Leece

Emma Mayhew



Fixtures Secretary

Peter Kelly


Press (Secretary) 

Rosie Morrison


Web Administrator

Rob Parslow


100 Club Secretary 

Louise Kneen


IOMAA Fixtures representative